Stop the mom guilt! It's not you

first time mom postpartum health sahm Feb 23, 2024
Maybe you haven't folded clothes in weeks and just grab a fresh shirt from the dryer every morning.
Maybe you grab clean dishes from the dishwasher to serve dinner every night.
Maybe your sole exercise is walking naps with the stroller, not because you want to be fit, but because it's the only way your baby sleeps.
And it must be you right? I mean the Instagram Moms seem to have it all figured out so you must be doing something wrong.
And that is the biggest lie ever fed to mothers and THE most damaging one of them all!
Hear me out:
You want to become an accountant and manage someone else's money:
  1. You go to university and earn a bachelor at minimum and more often than not a masters in accounting. You then study for and submit yourself to professional exams.
  2. You intern for at least a year in a firm and then join a juniors team where you get guidance and supervision for at least another year.
  3. You work with tools to make your work faster, easier, and also make you less prone to errors.
I mean it's people's money it's important....
Then you become a mother... You know how that happened and lets just say it didn't require an entrance exam 🙂
  1. No education is provided. Except a really bad and useless pamphlet or even worst.. What to expect when you're expecting...
  2. When your baby is finally born they help you strap him/her into your car, tap the hood and send you on your merry way.. with a human being... while you're still hemorrhaging...
  3. The only form of guidance you get while expecting is a series of horror stories about birth... Thanks. Once your child comes the guidance turns into blame: Your baby doesn't sleep because you feed him to sleep. You hold her every time she cries so what do you expect?
'My mom raised 3 kids and she didn't die of it...' - Was read on her husbands obituary along with the song 'DUMB WAYS TO DIE'.
Listen, for all we know, our grandmothers were all popping Xanax back then okay... No need to dwell.
What do I actually know as the mom of five kids, aged 6 and under:
  • It's not your fault
  • You didn't cause your child's sleep problems
  • It's 100% normal that you are exhausted and overwhelmed
  • This shit is hard... Yes yes beautiful... but hard
  • And if you want to not lose your marbles? You're gonna need some heavy duty help
Let us be your knight in shining armour just this once okay? We can get you 8h of sleep and him 12h of sleep which means 4h free hours of me time or hunny and me time.
And then, we can help you, guide you, educate you, so that you can take this mountain of overwhelm about parenthood, and life, and laundry... And tame it all the way down.
Can we all get vulgar for a moment and say ' F THAT'! I want to thrive as a mother I want my kids to thrive and not be dead exhausted! I want a healthy happy marriage! I want to enjoy this time! More than anything else! I mean what else matters if I can't enjoy being a mom to its fullest?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
So if you're ready to say F that, a enjoin a motherhood revolution where we enjoy motherhood without losing our minds or our identities then book a complimentary call, bring your spouse so he cant get the deets and support you, and lets get you registered for some help right there and then.
See you soon<3
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