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To the one and only all-encompassing parent incubator support program bringing together all of the resources, you could ever need to achieve peace of mind parenting.


Get your kids sleeping

Make your daily life easier

Take charge of your families health

Boost your kids' development


- Stop surviving. Start THRIVING. -

I want this now!



Do any of these sound like you?

  • An exhausted and tired mother who's tried just about everything and is ready for someone to finally step in and help.
  • A mama overwhelmed with mom guilt, anxiety, and stress who wants to know she is doing the right thing, for the knot in her stomach to go away, and for her to be able to enjoy her time with her baby. 
  • A mother who has put herself on the back burner for too long and needs to get her dreams, goals, and aspirations back in front of her. 
  • A mother who is ready to stop surviving, start thriving, and be the best she can be, while having a healthy and happy family and marriage.


Tired of being tired?

Tired of duct-taping dozens of resources and hundreds of opinions together only for everything to fall apart 1hr into the day?


  • You know that one size fits all solutions don't work.
  • You know you need real human support and not just a pre-made pdf or online course.
  • You're sick and tired of hiring various experts who just contradict each other.


You've read everything you could lay your hands on, you've done all the preparation anyone could do on their own, and you want more. You want the BEST.


- Sarah Hoveskeland - Mom of 6 -

I found BeBaby through a Facebook Mama's group and decided to give the program a try. My 9-month-old had never slept alone and only slept for no more than 2 hours at night and hardly napped at all, my husband and I were so tired! Within the first night, my baby had slept for 8 hours by herself, and we saw continued improvement in her sleeping and our lives. My husband and I are feeling physically better and our relationship is much happier, all thanks to the help we have received! I highly recommend it to anyone desperate for sleep and help, no matter how impossible it seems, just sign up!

- Shirley Hatschbach Sawatzky - First-time mom -

Our experience with BeBaby has been so so great, I can't recommend enough...

As a first-time mama I wish I would have known sooner... within just a short amount of time, I went from having the feeling that all my days are blurred together, over-exhausted from getting little to no sleep to getting 10 hours of sleep and feeling as though I can conquer big projects again and enjoy and take in every moment of the day! I actually look forward to bedtime now as it is such a precious moment for me and my little girl! and a big PLUS: my marriage is flourishing! We couldn't be happier!

A big thanks goes to Samantha St-Louis and Caitlin Hogan and the rest of the BeBaby Village!

- Amaya Saenz - First time mom -

Awesome idea, easy, no-hassle concept catered perfectly to new moms or mommies-to-be! Samantha is knowledgeable, caring, increasingly hard-working and dedicated to moms’ wellbeing in this super important time in their lives. She helps moms transition from being a woman to becoming a mom. A time that marks women for the rest of their lives. I can’t recommend it enough!


BeBaby is the one and only all-in-one parent incubator program!

The Peace of Mind Parenting Approach is like nothing you have seen before. Built on a solid framework, we have gathered every possible resource, professional, and support/accountability process you need to thrive! From getting your children to sleep, helping you carve more time out of your day, learning how to curve anxiety, stress, and mom guilt, rebuild yourself, be healthier physically and mentally, guide the development of your children, simplify every new challenge for a smooth journey through parenthood and a thriving YOU.

We understand that being a parent is being a jack of all trades, and as such you need an expert who can guide you through more than just sleep. Childcare requires the intricate intertwining of multiple factors. 

Nutrition affects sleep - Sleep affects nutrition

Development affects sleep - Sleep affects development.

Health affects nutrition & sleep - Nutrition & sleep affect health

Physical health affects emotional health - Emotional health affects physical health


- And so on... You get the picture! -

- You need simplicity. One-on-one customized help. An easy plan that works! - 

- You need someone in YOUR corner looking out for your children... but also for YOU -


The gap in parenting support - What you truly need for

Peace of Mind Parenting


*** You need one on one customized support rather than a one size fits all approach.

*** You need a proven method that does more than just get your kids to sleep and stop your nipples from hurting. You need a method that helps you rebalance your life so you can ENJOY it.

*** You need continuous and long-term access to this support so you aren't left with gaps in between various different consultants who know nothing about you.

*** You need all your parenting needs to be covered in one place rather than taping various incomplete resources together.

*** You need a village of like-minded parents because even though everyone says you need a village to raise a child, nobody seems willing to provide it.

*** You need expert health care professionals rather than side hustlers & hobbyists.



Introducing the ONLY program you'll ever need...


The Peace of Mind Parenting Program



Provided to you by Samantha, CEO & Founder of BeBaby.


  • Registered Nurse Clinician
  • Sleep, breastfeeding, childbirth, fertility, and parenting consultant
  • Mother of 4 under 4


As the CEO & founder, a work-from-home mom with 4 under 4 running around, she knows where you're coming from, she knows what you want, and she knows how to get it for you. 


As a renowned expert in her field, Samantha created the Peace of Mind Parenting program after years of hearing parents' concerns, needs, and desires.




Stop questioning, stop stressing, and stop taping together useless resources. 

Stop surviving & start thriving


With the Peace of Mind Parenting program, you'll never need to refer back to Dr. Google, mommy Facebook groups, questionable mother-in-law advice, and sketchy recommendations from grandma.

  • Get your children and yourself the sleep you both need
  • Systems to make your daily life easier and that save you time and money
  • Achieve better health for you and your family
  • Boost your children's development and feel confident every step of the way
  • Find energy you thought you would never have to pursue your dreams and be the person you know deep down you were meant to be
  • Confidently navigate everything from sleep regressions, tantrums, potty training & more. All that 'hard stuff' is simple with BeBaby.
  • HAVE IT ALL, because yes you can be an amazing and present parent while being the best YOU possible.


Stephanie Rosen - Mom of 2

All I can say is BEST DECISION EVER! Samantha is amazing! She’s kind and patient and really knows her stuff! After our first visit, my baby was latching properly and no longer hurting me. Breastfeeding went from being a nightmare to being so enjoyable.
I highly recommend Samantha and have been telling all the pregnant people I know about her!
Thank you again Samantha. What you do for people is amazing and so appreciated!

Amanda Noodelman- First-time mom

With the help, encouragement, support and guidance from Samantha at BeBaby, we were successfully able to help our baby sleep through the night! I highly recommend BeBaby - and Samantha! - as without her we’d be emotionally and physically exhausted. The support throughout the process is what makes BeBaby stand apart from all other sleep training consultants, and for us, that was the key to our success. A great big thank you!

Miro - First-time mom

I worked with BeBaby and I couldn’t be more happy and satisfied with the friendly, caring and professional service. Samantha was amazing and very helpful in every way. She was always available at any time for any questions or concerns. She built me a program that was easy to follow and she kept checking in on me. It’s really having your own personal nurse by your side to answer any questions and show you the right way that fits your lifestyle. I’m super grateful to Samantha! I wish I had contacted her from day one!

Sonia Ravenda - Mom of twins

We were in desperate need of sleep and Bebaby was amazing. Samantha was always there for our concerns as well as came up with different ways for our twins to be able to finally sleep. I would recommend it at any age. My twins slept great until 2 and then everything stopped working for them. Samantha’s solutions helped us get much-needed rest. Thank you for all your great work.


What you get inside the Peace of Mind Parenting Program


Daily Parenting Educational Calls

Parenting Educational Calls are held Monday through Friday where our experts cover your burning parenting questions. 

One-on-One Consulting

Work one-on-one with a consultant to set your goals and receive customized pathways to make the road to success clear and simple. 

Instant Messaging Support

Access to our advisors through instant messaging Monday through Friday to ask questions, send updates and be guided to the right resources for you.

One-on-One Weekly Office Hours

Weekly office hours between your consultations to ensure your continued access to one-on-one customized support.

Your Parenting Bible

Access to an ever-growing library of video modules to guide you at all stages of parenting to help you achieve your goals.

A private community populated by experts

Join our private community and ask questions to physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, and more.

What we stand for

  • A high touch, human approach, with customized hand crafted pathways to ensure YOUR success
  • Never leaving you in the dark, by ensuring long term continuing support to ensure your success now, tomorrow, and for years to come. No more gaps in service.
  • One program for all your needs so you can avoid the confusion and overwhelmingness of having opinions, advice, and 'experts' coming from all sides.
  • ​Clear and simple strategies to make your daily life easier, your marriage stronger, your kids happier, and leave you with the energy you need to slay at work.
  • Creating 'the village' your safe place for help, advice, support and grace. A place where parents and experts come together and share for the benefit of all.

Begin your journey now!


It's your time for Peace of Mind Parenting.

Say yes to your children. Say yes to your family.

Say yes to yourself.

Peace of Mind Parenting Program

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A program and service you can trust


Bee, Sleepless mama

Samantha was super helpful in providing us with a personalized sleep plan that worked for our family. What is so great about the service is that it was not just given to us without direction or explanation. We still have access and the opportunity to ask questions, specifications and to solve problems that arise together! It’s a comforting feeling to have that type of support! Thank you


Anahita, First-time mom

Samantha helped us get our three-and-a-half-month-old to go from waking up every two hours to sleeping independently and long stretches in such a little time! She offered us a gentle and personalized plan to implement and made herself available throughout the process. Can't recommend her enough.


Vanessa Letuve, Two-time mom

I have been connected, one way or another, to BeBaby for about 2 years now. I have always been well directed, informed, and supported. Be a part of this community however you can! Make the choice to be a more supported and empowered mom from day 1.


Carly Bonderud, Two-time mom

I have a very active 4 year old and sleep has not been so much an issue when she was a baby as we coslept and I breastfed her, but now that she's older she has resisted bedtime. It was driving me crazy! And in 3 minutes of talking with Sam, she solved the issue of my daughter not wanting her door closed even a fraction of the way. Then in less than 10 minutes, my daughter stopped singing to herself and fell asleep.


Everything you'll get with your Peace of Mind Parenting Program

  • One on One consulting - Work one-on-one with Samantha to set your goals and receive customized pathways to make the road to success clear and simple.
  • Daily Parenting Educational Calls - Held Monday through Friday where our experts cover your burning parenting questions.

  • Instant Messaging Support - Access to our advisors through instant messaging Monday through Friday to ask questions, send updates and be guided to the right resources for you. 

  • One on One weekly office hours - Weekly office hours between your consultations to ensure your continued access to one-on-one customized support.
  • Your parenting bible - Access to an ever-growing library of video modules to guide you through all stages of parenting to help you achieve your goals.
  • A private community populated with experts - Join our private community and ask questions to physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, and more.


Steph Lipari

We turned to Samantha at BeBaby for help with a sleep program for our 4.5-month-old. We went from bed-sharing and waking every 2 hours, to her sleeping through the whole night in her crib within a couple of weeks! Samantha was a wonderful mix of professional and empathetic; she was patient with my numerous questions and provided a lot of support. As a nurse and mother, she is very knowledgeable and I would recommend her services to anyone! She tailored the program to a pace we were comfortable with and to suit our needs. Our little one sleeps so well and is so happy, we are so appreciative of the service we received from BeBaby. πŸ™‚


Angelica Ricci

Before meeting with Samantha from BeBaby I had terrible pain from breastfeeding my newborn and was ready to give up. Samantha spent almost 2 hours with me answering all my questions and explaining the ins and outs of proper breastfeeding. I noticed a change immediately; our feeding time has been cut in half, my baby girl is satisfied after every feed, and my pain disappeared! She genuinely cares about your success and follows up with you to make sure everything is going well. She also provides extended support in case you have questions or concerns after your consult. I'm so happy I reached out to her because without her I probably wouldn't have lasted another month breastfeeding. My baby girl and I thank you so much Samantha!


Bianca Chevrier

Huge thanks to Samantha for her help! Our 6-month-old Jade would only fall asleep at the breast, wake up several times a night and only nap in her swing. Thanks to Samantha's program, our baby now sleeps full nights and naps in her bed. BeBaby's programs are perfectly suited to the needs of the child and the wishes of the parents. Also, Samantha is always present to answer our questions and to reassure us.

Thank you again a thousand times for your support.


Let's take a look at your options together


Scenario One

 You keep taping different programs or experts that contradict each other, taking to Google to try and make sense of it all, while staying confused and frustrated and wasting your precious time with your children. You simply survive...


Scenario Two

You join BeBaby's Peace of Mind Parenting Program and find rest, energy, confidence, support, education, and community in one place, with experts you can trust and make the MOST of the most important years in your children's lives. You THRIVE!

You are worthy. We need you to know that. And the first step? Is saying Yes to yourself.


Start thriving today!


Join the one and only parent incubator with absolutely everything you need to achieve Peace of Mind Parenting today!



There's simply no other full-service, all-in-one parenting incubator program out there. Only BeBaby can bring you to Peace of Mind Parenting, now and forever.


Get started today!


Join the one and only parent incubator with absolutely everything you need to achieve Peace of Mind Parenting today!



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