The 3 Tools To Succeed In Anything

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Motherhood Initiation

No matter what you set out to do, may it be getting in shape, improving your parenting skills, getting your house cleaner, trying a new hobby, starting a new career or even gunning for a promotion, I’ve found that there are three basic elements that are crucial to your success and the enjoyment you get out of the journey.

For most things in life, we are told to ‘just do’. Set goals, new habits, and get rolling. And I agree, setting goals and productive habits is important. However, relying on just that is like asking someone to use nothing but brute force to push a boulder up a mountain… Not super efficient, and there’s a high likelihood that bolder will roll back and crush you!


Think about it this way, when you decided what you would do for a living, what your career would be, there’s a high chance you didn’t just show up and ‘do’. 


You probably first received some kind of formal or informal education. Either you attended post secondary education or you received some sort of training on the job (hands on training). I don’t know about you, but I sure am glad my mechanic and my doctor both got education about their careers otherwise I may end up in an accident and then in a hospital bed!


You probably also use some kind of tool. If you work with your hands, you probably have a giant box or truck of tools, and even for ‘pencil pushers’ such as myself, we rely on software, systems, organizational and tracking tools to make our job easier and decrease errors. I’d love to see my plumber attempt to pull a lego out of my toilet without tools!


And finally, any good training program or place of employment, will offer you mentorship. Your first days, weeks, or even months on the job likely came with a trusty mentor to guide you, answer your questions, look over your work and make sure that everything was A OK.


The 3 Tools of Success


  1. Education
  2. Tools
  3. Mentorship


Voila! You now have three easy ways to make any endeavor a more successful one but also a much more pleasant one. But before you go, let me ask you this: How much of this did you get to prepare you for motherhood?



You can get all three of these things easily to learn how to crochet, but getting those same three things to navigate a 24/7, 365 days/year career, nearly impossible. And yes, I did just refer to motherhood as a career. It’s challenging, complex, rewarding, exhausting, demanding… You can’t quit. Vacations are rare and even then you’re always on call. Your shifts are 24h. And the stakes are high.


Yet for some reason… we (as a society), don’t place nearly as much care and attention in preparing and supporting parents. We expect women to just birth their babies, and get on with it. 


Ever seen a woman get a C-section, and within an hour have to care for a new human being? That’s hard core.


Or the mom at Cosco, one week postpartum, secretly hemorrhaging in an uncomfortable adult diaper, prepping the food her family needs for the week… Give her the damn family parking k?


Moms… are TOUGH as nails. I struggle even describing in adequate words just how intensely devoted mother’s are. And yet… We don’t even give them the basics of education, tools, and mentorship.


That’s why I do what I do. That’s why I built my company, BeBaby. This is what WE DO. WE give mothers education, tools, and mentorship.


  1. Education covering every single parenting subject a parent my need to know from pregnancy to school age children, from sleep education, to potty training, to building good character…etc


  1. Tools to simplify daily life, like cleaning hacks, coin systems, laundry strategies, time management for busy moms, and even work efficiency secrets.


  1. Mentorship from trained dedicated consultants that are there every step of the way.


You aren’t supposed to magically know it all.


You ARE supposed to get the same decent prep as anyone does for any hobby, job, or even athletic endeavor. 


Why? You are raising a nation.


I wish a USB card containing the last 300 hundred years of motherhood wisdom was downloaded into our brains the moment we become mothers… but that’s not how it works.


If you’re ready to get serious about thriving in motherhood…

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