What is sleep education?

Mar 04, 2024

What is sleep education?

How is it different then sleep training?

Most importantly... how does it ensure my child and I get better sleep?


Sleep education is a BeBaby specific method, and it's our secret weapon.... So let's dive into it!


In sleep education, the very first thing we do is conduct an in-depth evaluation of multiple facets of your childs wellbeing such as:


-Sleep history from birth till now

-Overall health



-Sleep environment

-Personality type

-Parental concerns

-And more


This allows us to get a really good picture of what is happening and overview anything that could be closely, or loosely related to your little one's sleep or lack of.


Armed with this information we are able to diagnose the 'sleep disrupters', in other words the root cause of your little one's sleep issues. Let's put this in perspective:

In both cases Jordan and Elise have 9 month old daughters who wake the exact same frequency per night and who need to be help for naps... However in this simplified scenario, the cause of the sleep issues for both these little girls are different, thus the solution also needs to be different.


Your child is unique, and so it his or her sleep.


Once we know exactly what is causing the sleep issues, no matter how simple or complex, we can create a unique sleep plan based on interventions that specifically target your childs unique sleep disrupters.


From there your consultant will guide you and accompany you in implementing this sleep plan to ensure we get your little one sleeping through the night and taking better naps in no time!


Due to sleep education being uniquely tailored to each child this makes it the perfect solution no matter what age your child is, for 24h old to 5 years old. It also allows us the flexibility to also continue to work with parents as children age so we can adjust their sleep needs, help them navigate developmental milestones and more.


So is it right for you?


It is if you feel like your child needs sleep help and you want to provide your little one with the best health and development.


It is if you understand that your child is unique, you are unique, and the right solution for your family is just as unique.


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