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Stop Surviving and Start Thriving:

Motherhood shouldn't mean exhaustion and overwhelm at all cost.


If you've found yourself settling with the idea that motherhood is just meant to be hard, challenging and sacrificing... I'm sorry. I know it feels this way often, but the reality is it's because our society doesn't put enough importance on the health and wellbeing of parents and their children.


There is a different way to experience motherhood. One that doesn't feel exhausting, overwhelming and hard at every turn. Sleep is but a small part of this equation but it's definitely the best starting point. It's the urgent need for any mother who finds herself up all night, or who can't even have a shower because her little one struggles with naps.


So let's start there... and by the same occasion I can tell you more about the rest of the equation.


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Sleep deprivation is serious

Somehow, it has become common and normal to diminish the need for sleep in both mothers and children. Although everyone feels for the young professional lacking sleep during a big project, somehow giving life and caring for another doesn't warrant the same empathy.

Sleep deprivation is serious. Sleep is a basic human need, for you and your child. Insufficient sleep will not only affect your mood, but your child's learning capability, gastrointestinal health, immune system, hormonal balance, and more.

It's time you be heard.


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Once you register you will be redirected to our sleep tip of the day! Every day after that, your tip will be delivered to your emails.

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Peace of Mind Parenting

Parenting has become harder over the years. The reality is our environment keeps changing... every single day. 

 Working mothers haven't exchanged some of their home duties for place in the boardroom - they've added the boardroom to their home responsibilities. We've found ourselves burdened with the vast majority of the mental load EVEN when we have incredibly supportive and hands on partners.

That being said, I do believe that you can have your cake and eat it too. But you need strategies and guidance. And it all starts with sleep!



Sarah P.

My 9 month old had never slept alone and only slept for no more than 2 hours at night and hardly napped at all, my husband and I were so tired! Within the first night baby had slept for 8 hours by herself. My husband and I are feeling physically better and our relationship is much happier!

Shirley Hatschbach Sawatzky

From the get-go, you guys were full-on, helping us. I was just so overwhelmed and you brought us so much peace, literally. Peace of Mind Parenting could not have been named better! My husband and I can finally sleep through the night and that is priceless!