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The one and only all-inclusive parent incubator program, taking mother's from surviving to thriving. Sleep education, breastfeeding consulting, development & health guidance you can trust offered by health care professionals.

The Peace of Mind Parenting Program

Programs Offered by BeBaby

Peace of Mind Parenting

The Peace of Mind Parenting program is the only all-encompassing parent incubator support program bringing together all of the resources you could ever need to achieve Peace of Mind Parenting. Get your kids sleeping on a schedule again, make your daily life easier and take charge of your family's health. Stop surviving & start THRIVING. 


Motherhood Vitality Program

Samantha St-Louis is a successful entrepreneurial mom of 4 under 4 and is living proof that keeping ourselves fit, active, happy and fulfilled is a crucial part of being a purposeful mother. After launching her Thriving in Business and Motherhood Program, tailored to the business-savvy mom, Samantha decided it was time to create a custom program dedicated to the core of a mother's being, our VITALITY. The Vitality program is for mothers who want to nourish their health and wellness while maintaining quality time with their families.


Created by mothers for mothers!


Samantha St-Louis, CEO & Founder of BeBaby.

- Registered Nurse Clinician

- Sleep, breastfeeding, childbirth, and parenting consultant

- Mother of 4 under 4


As the CEO & founder, a work-from-home mom with 4 under 4 running around, she knows where you're coming from, she knows what you want, and she knows how to get it for you. 


As a renowned expert in her field, Samantha created the Peace of Mind Parenting program after years of hearing parents' concerns, needs, and desires.

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"We were in desperate need of sleep and BeBaby was amazing. Samantha was always there for our concerns and came up with a different way for our twins to be able to finally sleep. I would recommend her at any age.  Samantha’s solutions helped us get much-needed rest. Thank you for all your great work."


Sonia Ravenda Tomassone


"Awesome idea, easy, no-hassle concept catered perfectly to new moms or mommies-to-be! Samantha is knowledgeable, caring, increasingly hard-working and dedicated to moms’ wellbeing in this super important time in their lives. She helps moms transition from being a woman to becoming a mom. A time that marks women for the rest of their lives. I can’t recommend it enough!"


Amaya Saenz - First time mom
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