Parenting has a bad reputation

first time mom motherhood parenting sleep deprivation Mar 08, 2023
Parenting is hard

Exhaustion, overwhelm, chaos. Day after day. A never ending to-do list, feeling like you can’t sit for a moment, and yet feeling like you accomplished nothing of importance at the end of the day. Motherhood can often feel like a vortex world where showering seems like an unachievable task and using the bathroom alone a privilege because every second of the day is already accounted for, yet feeling like your to-do list has grown by the end of the day rather than reduced. How can we do so much yet so little?


The image that comes to mind is the rabbit running on a treadmill trying to catch a carrot dangling in front of him, never to reach it.


Parenthood, and in particular motherhood, has gained a bad reputation. Sure everyone is excited when you announce your first pregnancy. Friends and family may throw themselves in the planning of a baby shower and their visiting times for when the baby comes, yet all that excitement very quickly fades into the background once the initial ‘Awww’ moment of meeting a new baby passes. Once their visit is done, the door closes and you find yourself alone at home with this little part of you, so fragile, so volatile, laying in your arms needing your constant undivided attention day and night, while the daily and weekly chores pile up, your career takes the backstage, self-care gets crossed off the list of possibilities and in some cases… you may be left dealing with your spouse's feelings of abandonment along the way… 


The reality is that the expectations placed on mothers today are at an all time high yet support at an all time low.


Mothers are expected to walk out of the hospital after carrying a child for nine months, birthing them either through massive abdominal surgery or pushing them out of a tiny hole, leaving a huge open wound inside their uteruses and hemorrhaging out, as if nothing had happened. They are then expected to get home, take care of this tiny little person 24/7, get back into the cooking, cleaning, errands and to-do lists shortly after, back to work in a few months (sometimes weeks), attend to their extended family’s desires, and their spouses needs, and somehow find time to feel and look good. As the months and years go by and the nights of sleep deprivation accumulate, who she was, who she was to become, gets lost in the noise of it all. She sacrifices this part of her life in order to cater to the needs of all and yet gets criticized for letting go of herself, her career, her friends, and her marriage.


And the day comes when someone asks her ‘If you could have anything in the world, what would be your goals or dream?’ and she stares blankly, tears forming in her eyes… realizing she does not know. She doesn’t know what she would ask for if she could have anything. That part of her, the part with goals, dreams, ambitions, self-love and desires has been buried so deep inside that she can’t seem to even communicate with her. As though they were two different people, two strangers sharing a body. And she may have not noticed until someone asked.


But what if I told you that motherhood could be entirely different?


What if I told you that motherhood could put you in touch with the most powerful and joyful version of yourself? What if I told you that motherhood could be navigated with eaze and without exhaustion and overwhelm? What if I told you the chaos could be replaced with clarity? What if I told you that every single part of your life could be improved by motherhood? A stronger, more powerful you, a more fulfilling career, self-fulfillment like you have never experienced before, a stronger, more sensual marriage and so much more?


Why should you even listen to me, read this blog, or consider the seminars we host? Because, I live a different version of motherhood, and I teach it. I am the mother of four beautiful children who at the time of writing this book are five years old and under (and number five is cooking!). Because I created and run a large international company that helps thousands of parents every year experience parenting in a different way. Because I help mothers stop surviving so they can start thriving. Because my marriage has withstood the test of time and parenting and come out stronger than ever. And because who I am today, is without a shadow of a doubt… miraculously more powerful, happy and fulfilled than any past version of myself.


My goal, my mission in life, is to yell on rooftops that motherhood can be different. The version of motherhood I want to present to you is the one where exhaustion, overwhelm and chaos gets kicked out of the window and replaced with joy, love, fulfillment and prosperity in all areas of your life. Because yes, you can be a present and purposeful parent while also being the most powerful version of yourself. Welcome to a new version of motherhood.


if you want to get started, ask questions, or simply sit in silence, book a call here, it's free. We are here for YOU because we genuinely care.

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